Automatic Antenna Switch Controller

  • Smart control for up to eight-input antenna switch.
  • Band pass filter drive.
  • Band Data Output.
  • Automatic tuning for shortened antennas with high Q coils.
  • Control with auxiliar keyboard for Waller Flag Receiving antennas manufactured by TOPBEAM.
  • Illuminated push button with labels.
  • RS-232 port for external control by personal computer.
  • Antenna Band Memory.
  • Interlock system prevents more than one radio on the same antenna.
  • Split Antenna Operation.
  • Hot Switch Protection.
  • No computer or software required (remote without PC).
  • Control all Hamplus (or other) antenna switch and rotator switch.
  • By using two or more MBD-8F it's possible to expand to 16 antennas or more.

MBD-8F is an intelligent controller compatible with all eight-antenna switches manufactured by Hamplus. It has a band decoder to receive the information coming from the connected radio equipment. In addition to antenna switching, the MBD-8F also offers five frequency-driven GPOs (General Purpouse Output), one Band Data BCD Output, one output to command Band Pass Filter, 12 GPOs to automate the operation with TopBeam' s Waller Flag receiving antenna. The MBD-8F also commands the RS-24 and RS-44 Rotator switches.

There are four ways that antennas and enabled rotators can be selected:
1) Manually by the front panel of the MBD-8F,
2) Manually by frequency or band change on the front panel of the transceiver,
3) Automatically by frequency or band change by the remotely controlled transceiver,
4) Automatically by a remotely controlled personal computer via RS-232 serial port to the MBD-8F.

On the front panel is a set of eight illuminated push buttons for manual selection of antennas, eight “Busy” LEDs to indicate which antennas are in use by other MBD-8F Controllers, four LEDs to indicate rotator selection, one LED to indicate when the radio is transmitting, one LED to indicate the controller is in Split Antenna mode and one LED to indicate when the MBD-8F is connected to +13.8 Vdc power.

The MBD-8F receives from the transceiver the power supply (13.8VDC), the Send line and the information about the band in use. The controller recognizes the following Radios:
1- CI-V (Icom)
2- BCD (Yaesu and Elecraft)
3- RS-232 (Kenwood, Icom and Elecraft)

Antenna Split:
With the MBD-8F it is possible to operate with one antenna for the transmission and another one for reception. The commutation of the antennas is automatically made when the MBD-8F receved the "Send" information from the transceiver.

Auto Split:
The split is automaticly engaged when you select an antenna set up for recieving only, not allowing it from transmission.

The memorization is automatic, just press a push button of the desired antenna. Any one of the eight antennas can be used in any or all the bands. Whenever the radio will power ON or change the band, the last antenna chosen for that band will be set automatically.

Frequency Driven GPO:
The MBD-8F provides three tuning points for automatically controlling shortened antennas with high Q coils. The tuning points are easily found by the operator using the radio and push buttons

Band Data Output:
The MBD-8F receives the radio information by CI-V (Icom), or by RS-232, or by BCD and provides a BCD output for use in external equipment.

Command output for the RS-24 and RS-44 Rotator Switch:
The MBD-8F has the command output to the rotator switch RS-24 or RS-44. On the front pannel there are four LED´s to indicate the rotor in use at the moment. The programming to associate the rotator to each antenna is one easy job made by the user in a couple of minutes. This configuration is saved in a not volatile memory.

Wiring diagram exemples:

Connection diagram for two Icom Radios, eight Antennas Switch and four Rotator Switch

MBD-8F is expandable from 8 to 16 antennas or more.

Connection diagram for one Icom Radio, sixteen Antennas Switch and eight Rotator Switch

Band Pass Filter commands output:
The MBD-8F only needs one cable to automatically control most Band Pass Filters on the market.

Connection diagram of the Hamplus MDB8- F with Bandpass Filter


Waller Flag Receiving antennas:
The MBD-8F provides automation for the TopBeam Waller Flag receiving antennas with automatic filter exchange and the addition of an auxiliary keyboard to control the internal four-input Switch.

Diagram for connection to receiving antennas TopBeam Waller Flag



MBD-8F Operation Manual  
MBD-8F Connectors Pin Identification  
Connection Cable Manual  
PC Remote Control Software  
Serial Controller Setup v.1.21  
Firmware V.2.6  


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