Automatic Antenna Switch

  • Automatic Antenna Switch with 6 antennas by 3 radios.
  • Inteligent band decoder and antenna memory.
  • Aluminum cabinet painted in the dark gray color, having UHF type (SO-239) connections and DC 14v.
  • All antennas and radios are switched to ground when not in use.
  • Non-simultaneous operation.
  • When the power are switched off, all antenna inputs are routed to ground for protection purposes.
  • Compatible with: ELECRAFT, KENWOOD, YAESU, ICOM.

The AS-603AL is an automatic antenna switch for three radios and six antennas. It has internally two independent switches. One to select the radios and another to select the antennas. Each of the two internal switches have a connector on the back panel where a Linear Amplifier can be inserted. In this way the radio that is selected will go through the Amplifier. The operation is individual, which means that only the selected radio will have access to the antennas. Unused antennas are automatically grounded.
To make the operation easier, the AS-603AL also has a third internal switch that switches the Send commands and the Com port to the selected Radio.

The AS-603AL supports communication with the following radios:
Icom (CI-V), Kenwood (RS-232), Elecraft K3 (RS-232), Yaesu (RS-232) or any other Radio that uses one of these communication protocols.



Width 30cm - Height 7cm - Deep 15cm

Power Supply:

D.C. 14 Volts + or - 20% drain about 120mA

Max. SSB power allowed:

2000 Watts with S.W.R. equal or less than 1.5:1

Frequency of operation:
D.C. to 60MHz
Insertion loss:
Equal or less than 0,1dB
Port Isolation:

Equal or less than -72dB to 30MHz and -58db to 50MHz.

Conection sugestion:

Six antennas, three radios.

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